The wine industry is ripe for disruption.

Increase sales, reduce costs, and increase profits with an innovative platform that connects distributors, retailers, and lovers of fine wine.

The Problem

There are issues in wine distribution that only the right technology can solve.

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    Inadequate marketing info

    Actionable marketing information is often lost on the journey from Producer to Consumer.

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    Consumers want convenience

    Time is more valued today than ever. The faster your Consumer can get the wine they want, the more likely they’ll be back.

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    Limited product storage

    Retailers can only sell as much as they can store, and Distributors can only sell as much as Retailers can buy.

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    Onerous overhead

    Current sales and order entry functions are costly and ineffective.

The Solution

Vinobridge™ keeps the wine, the information, and the money flowing.


Seamlessly shares wholesale costs, wine marketing info, and real-time inventory availability with Retailers through the Vinobridge Platform.


Offers a greatly increased wine selection, provides marketing info, and sets retail prices. Sends its order to Distributor through Vinobridge for prompt delivery.


Stimulated by information, real-time availability, and 24/7 convenience, purchases wines from a huge virtual cellar. Buys a lot more wine, more often, from their preferred Vinobridge-powered shop.

Icon depicting a shipping container Benefits for Distributors

Sell more wine, waste less time, enjoy what it does to your bottom line.

  • Stimulate demand

    Direct-to-consumer marketing info lets you stimulate demand like never before, increasing sales.

  • Reduce overhead

    Vinobridge reduces the need to employ multiple sales reps constantly making visits to Retailers.

  • Reduce entry errors

    It’s a simple fact: human beings make mistakes. But Vinobridge doesn’t.

  • Build your brand and your moat

    Retailers will ultimately concentrate orders with easy, reliable Vinobridge-powered distributors.

  • Setup is a breeze

    Vinobridge integrates quickly and seamlessly with a distributor's existing business management systems.

Icon depicting a shipping container Benefits for Retailers

Grow your inventory—and your customer base—almost overnight.

  • A bottomless cellar

    No matter how small your shop is, your inventory can be unfathomably large.

  • Stay open 24/7/365

    Your customers can place orders online anytime to be picked up pronto.

  • Product knowledge

    Know it all with A.I.-powered marketing info direct from the distributor.

  • Cut your costs

    Vinobridge does not require more storage and increases revenue-to-staff ratio.

  • Know you’ve got it

    Accurate, real-time inventory means you’ll never sell anything that’s not in stock.

  • As easy as plug-and-play

    Retailers can get set up with Vinobridge quickly and easily, so you can start selling from your virtual cellar ASAP.

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